Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can't buy online. We invite customers to come and see us in store. We strongly believe that the purchase of a wood floor should be done in person. The colors and finish of a floor must be seen and handled physically. A computer screen does not allow you to make an informed choice and does not do justice to the quality of our products.


However, you can see the variety of products we carry in store on our website.


To place an order, we always recommend a visit to the store first. Afterwards, the process changes depending on the customer. Some will take the sample home and then call us back to place the order. Others will place their order directly in store.

Yes, we lend out samples! Since wood is a living material, its appearance adapts to its environment. It will not look the same in a store as it does in its place of installation. That's why we invite our customers to leave with a sample. This way, they can make a more informed decision.

Yes, we offer floor and staircase installation services as well! Barwood Pilon takes care of everything. You are guaranteed quality service. Unlike other flooring retailers, we prefer to keep installation services in-house rather than referring you to outside services. This way, we keep an eye on the work that is done.

You can also install your floor yourself. It's up to you.

We do not have a Barwood Pilon certified design service, but we do work closely with several designers. If you need design advice, our salespeople are very knowledgeable, but can also refer you to designers. We have a large repertoire of trusted references.

Yes, a job that will be done by our technical director. He has been working in the industry for over 20 years. His expertise guarantees you a fair estimate. He will make sure to take measurements, answer technical questions, all on site.

The basic cost is $150*. Upon delivery, our team is responsible for properly storing your wood boxes inside your home. The work is done for you.

* Additional fees apply for remote areas. Contact us for more information.

The production time of our wood floors always depends on the product and the manufacturer. Generally speaking, you should allow 4 to 6 weeks.

Prices are not posted because at Barwood Pilon we sell expertise and personalized service. The Barwood Pilon experience begins in the store and our products are more than just a price.

To find products on special, you can always check our inventory liquidations. We also have an average of 2 mega sales which are usually held in the spring and fall.

Yes, all wood floors have a warranty. This warranty is taken care of by the manufacturer and not by Barwood Pilon. You can have access to the documents upon request.

As for the installation of the wood floor, Barwood Pilon takes care of the warranty for its services.

Choosing Barwood Pilon is choosing experience and expertise. In fact, the company will soon be celebrating its 30th anniversary!

We stand out for our expertise in wood flooring. Unlike the common flooring retailer, we focus our offer on wood floors only. This allows us to focus our knowledge on one type of flooring, making us the true experts.

Barwood Pilon is also a Quebec family business, a business and values that are here to stay. We offer a turnkey service and proudly Quebec products!

The cost of a wood floor depends on several factors.

We offer products in all price ranges, for all budgets. Even our cheapest products are of good quality. Price does not determine the quality of our products!

At Barwood Pilon, we offer a wide variety of white oak flooring. From colors to finishes, you will find the perfect white oak floor for you.

To purchase Mirage flooring, Barwood Pilon is the place to go. We carry many of the Mirage collections, which include a variety of wood species such as white oak, red oak, hickory, maple and cherry.

We also have Mirage flooring collections EXCLUSIVE to Barwood Pilon. Collections you won't find anywhere else. We are the destination for Mirage branded wood flooring from Quebec.

Yes, in fact, the majority of our floors are made in Quebec.

In condos, the floor covering is often affixed to a concrete slab. In this case, we recommend 4 main options:

  • Glued engineered wood flooring
  • Mirage Lock technology engineered wood flooring
  • Laminated wood flooring
  • Vinyl wood flooring

Every case is different. For more information, come see us in store!

Due to the often higher humidity level in a basement, we recommend the following 4 options:

  • Glued down engineered wood flooring
  • Engineered wood flooring with Mirage Lock technology
  • Laminated wood flooring
  • Vinyl wood flooring

Each case is different, so for more information, come see us in store!

In general, it is not recommended to install hardwood in the basement. It is possible, many homes have hardwood floors in the basement that remain in good condition. But given the higher humidity level, it is less recommended.

Each case is different, for more information, come see us in store!

Generally speaking, we recommend vinyl flooring for bathrooms. Because of the higher humidity levels in a bathroom, wood flooring is preferable for those without a shower or bath. But vinyl is still a waterproof and moisture resistant product.

Each case is different, for more information, come see us in store!

Oak and mat wood flooring is ideal for the kitchen. The important thing is to look for a quality varnish, a textured floor with character and the type of wood. These are the elements that determine the resistance of your floor.

Mirage flooring with Duramatt finish is truly the floor of choice for the kitchen.

Each case is different, for more information, come see us in store!

Matte oak wood flooring is ideal for pet owners. The important thing is to look for a quality varnish, a textured floor with character and the wood species. These are the elements that determine the strength of your floor.

Each case is different, for more information, come see us in store!

For a regular wood floor, it is important to use a cleaning product with a neutral ph. Avoid using greasy products such as dishwashing soap. We always recommend Mirage's "Klean" line of products.

For oiled floors, we recommend Permabois’ product Permaclean. This product will restore the shine of oiled floors.

Learn more about hardwood floor maintenance.

The main difference between hardwood flooring and engineered flooring is stability. Engineered wood is more stable and therefore more resistant to changes in humidity.

Learn more about the different types of wood floors.

The best hardwood floor varies from person to person, depending on taste and needs. For a durable floor, we often recommend a light, matte oak floor.

Find out why!

The most durable wood floor would be a textured floor with a matte finish. This type of floor will not show signs of graffiti, especially if it is light colored. Depending on where the floor will be installed, an engineered floor may be the right floor for you.

Hardwood flooring is composed of wood over ¾ of an inch of its thickness. Its main advantage is that its regeneration is simple. It can be sanded and refinished several times over its lifetime.

The maximum width of hardwood planks is usually 4 ¼".

Learn more about the different types of wood flooring.

Floating floors can be hardwood, engineered, laminate or vinyl. Where it stands out is in its installation technique. A floating installation refers to its plank and groove system. This system allows the boards to be nested together without having to nail them to the subfloor.

The unique feature of vinyl flooring is its fake wood appearance. In other words, it imitates the appearance of wood. They can be made of stone or wood. Thus, they are waterproof in addition to being very resistant to marks and graffiti. This type of floor is often used in commercial areas.

Learn more about the different types of wood floors.

The selection of a wood species really depends on your taste and needs. At Barwood Pilon, we offer a wide range of wood species: White Oak, Red Oak, Maple, Ash, Birch, American Walnut and Hickory.

To find out what type of wood to choose, why not drop by one of our branches? Our experts will be able to advise you according to your real needs!

If your floor is cracking, it's probably due to friction between the floor and the subfloor... Don't worry, it's a problem that gets fixed. Our experts can help you determine the cause.

Learn more about cracking floors.

Yes, we offer color matching for moldings, nosing and baseboards.

Barwood Pilon travaille de très près avec plusieurs designers et architectes. Nous les accompagnons en fournissant échantillons et connaissances. Notre représentant sur la route est disponible pour le montage de materiatech.

For more information, contact Samuel Hirsch.