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Hardwood Floors for Condo

It is possible !

Soundproofing standards are becoming more and more rigorous, but it is still possible to install high-quality hardwood, laminate or vinyl floors. It's just a matter of selecting the right acoustic membrane to keep peace and quiet for you and your neighbors.

Respecting the highest soundproofing standards, Barwood Pilon's hardwood flooring will help make your condo haven of peace.

Impeccable results, guaranteed warranty.

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You've chosen your covering and now need to select your acoustic membrane. Search for you building on the AcoustiCONDO platform to find the approved solution by your co-ownership syndicate.

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Why use AcoustiCONDO ?

  • To quickly find the approved solution by your co-ownership syndicate.
  • To obtain a free analysis of your building to ensure that you apply the correct product that will meet the requirements of your syndicate.
  • To help you select the sub-floor membrane that will offer an optimal acoustic performance with the chosen floor covering for your building structure.


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