The staircase, a true work of art

In the heart of homes, an element stands, defying gravity with all its elegance: the staircase. This often neglected yet essential structure embodies the essence of beauty and interior design.

The importance of the staircase should not be neglected, as it serves not only as an architectural element for moving between floors but also as a significant asset to the decor of a house, and it should perfectly match the house's style.

With its complexity and details, the staircase requires careful and meticulous design by experts. The Barwood Pilon team is proud to offer this expertise and undertake projects to meet all expectations, no matter how complex they may be. We provide a turnkey service, from the analysis of the necessary work to the final on-site installation. We also take care of the finishing of the staircase to ensure perfect harmony with the flooring and a smooth transition between floors.

Wooden railings, glass railings, steel central stringers, metal balusters, and more. All options are available to yo at Barwood Pilon. Choos peace of mind and entrust your project to us !