Yellow Birch Marron

Hardwood floor from Collection Barwood

Barwood-Pilon Collection

Yellow Birch Marron

Types of flooring: Pre-varnished , Hardwood
Applications: On ground & Above ground

Types of flooring:

Pre-varnished floors

Yellow Birch

There are many species of birch, each with its own color variations. Yellow birch is most commonly used for flooring. Yellow birch coloring ranges from a cream or light brown sapwood to a light brown or reddish heartwood, causing noticeable but not dramatic color variation. It is tightly grained with straight, curly or wavy patterns.

Types of floor:

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This product is available in the following colors:

  • Yellow Birch Dark Walnut
  • Yellow Birch Angora
  • Yellow Birch Coffee
  • Yellow Birch Fayette
  • Yellow Birch Deville
  • Yellow Birch Caporal