Wire Brushed Collection by Vintage | Barwood Pilon

Wire Brushed Collection by Vintage | Barwood Pilon

Pre-varnished hardwood floors with a natural look

For hardwood floors with a naturally rich look, the new Wire Brushed collection by Vintage Flooring will surely make an impression!

Perfect for camouflaging everyday wear

Yes! The natural look of these floors will minimize the appearance of the effects of time...and daily comings and goings! Thanks to the brushing process and the application of the UV Urethane Oil finish, Vintage Flooring achieve a two-tone finish reminiscent of the European look.

Essences, colors and arrangements

Available in red oak, white oak and ash wood, Wire Brushed floors can be found in a variety of shades ranging from light gray to black and from light yellow to brown. For layouts, you will find the traditional linear pose and the Herringbone patterning that adds a touch of richness to any space!

Natural Red Oak

Read oak hardwood flor in Natural, Wire Brushed Collection

Gotham White Oak

White Oak hardwood floor in Gotham, Wire Brushed Collection

Cobblestone Ash Wood

Cobblestone Ash Wood floors, Wire Brushed Collection


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