Maple Caporal

Hardwood floor from Collection Barwood

hardwood Floor from the Barwood_Pilon Collection

Maple Caporal

Types of flooring: Pre-varnished
Application: On ground & Above ground

Types of flooring:

Pre-varnished floors

Hard Maple

Hard Maple, also known as sugar maple, is common to North America and wood ranges in color from creamy white to light reddish brown through both heartwood and sapwood. This hardwood flooring shows medium figuring of the grain with rare occurrences of quilted, fiddleback, or bird’s-eye detailing.

types of floor:

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This product is available in the following colors:

  • Maple Dark Walnut
  • Maple Angora
  • Maple Coffee
  • Maple Miranda
  • Maple Fayette
  • Maple Deville
  • Maple Natural
  • Maple Argile