White Oak


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White Oak

Types of flooring: Pre-varnished , Hardwood , Engineering floors
Applications: Below ground , On ground & Above ground , Condo

Types of flooring:

Pre-varnished floors

The Look of White Oak

The grain of White Oak is similar to that of Red Oak, and its growth rings arealso highly visible. Its color ranges from lightcreamy beige tograyish brown. White Oak will undergo moderate color changes overtime, taking on a slightly amber tone.It is essentially a straight-grained woodwith a medium to coarse texture and longerraysthan Red Oak. To maintain the wood’s elegance for many years, Mirage applies a UV protector at the finishing stage.

The sapwoodof White Oak is almost white, while the heartwood is grayish brown.

White Oak: So beautiful by nature!

types of floor:

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This product is available in the following colors:

  • White Oak Brushed Carousel
  • White Oak Isla
  • White Oak Lunar Eclipse
  • White Oak Snowdrift
  • White Oak White Mist
  • White Oak Bubble Bath
  • White Oak Hula Hoop
  • White Oak Roller Coaster
  • White Oak Sand Castle
  • White Oak STARDUST
  • White Oak JUMP ROPE