Altitude Cottage oak

Hardwood Floor: Quickstyle


Application :
Below grade, On grade & Above grade, Condo


  • 12mm thick laminate
  • Wear-resistant Aluminium Oxide finish
  • Installs: floating (DroplLoc) on, above or below grade**
  • Plank size (L x W x H): 1215mm x 91mm x 12mm
  • Coverage per box: (14.28 sq. ft.)*
  • 25 year triple residential warranty (wear l stain l fade)
  • AC3, E1
  • Coordinated mouldings available

* Nominal values
** Vapour barrier required when installed over concrete

We install your floor or for practical information please refer to the installation guide.

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This product is available in the following colors:

Altitude Natural walnut Altitude Gunstock oak Altitude Mountain mist Altitude Amber whisky Altitude Naturel oak Altitude Black coffee