Handcrafted Oak Teddy Bear

Mirage Hardwood Floors

Sweet memories collection

Application :
Below grade, On grade & Above grade, Condo

Velvety brown.
For sweet daydreams.

The Look of Oak

Red Oak has a generally even grain. Because it grows slowly, oak is notable for having many growth rings on each board. Variations in color are very limited over time, even if it is exposed to intense light. Nevertheless, Mirage applies a UV protector at the finishing stage to preserve all the luster of its original color.

The sapwood of the oak ranges from white to pale brown, while the heartwood is reddish brown.

Ordinary wear and tear is hardly noticeable due to oak's open grain and natural reddish color.

Oak: Rich color, classic style!

Characteristics of Handcrafted Oak
Handcrafted Oak has a rustic look that takes full advantage of the wood’s natural characteristics, including pronounced color variations, knots, mineral streaks, cracks, and surface holes as well as marks from the manufacturing process.

Types of floor:

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